2012 оны Лондонгийн олимпийн эмблем

2007 оны 6 сарын 4 ний өдөр Лондонгийн олимпийн хорооны дарга Lord Coe -н танилцууж хүмүүсийг шуугиулсан зүйл бол 400,000 фунтээр бий болсон 2012 оны Лондонгийн олимпийн лого юм. Энэхүү логог дэлхийн алдартай томоохон компаниудыг брэнд болгож чадсан Wolff Olins компани хийсэн байна.

William Higham, futurologist and founder of Next Big Thing, suggests that a key issue for Wolff Olins was making the logo appeal to a wide range of different audiences. “It was important to make it flexible and appealing to audiences across the board,” he says. “The multi-cultural youth demographic was very important. They need something that they can adapt themselves and so user-generated content is coming in there. People are into the idea of having something that works on that level, something that suggests a ‘participatory Games’. When the event is broadcast there will more people there filming it on their phones, blogging about it. I don’t think it’ll date because it’s not tied to a particular font, or style – we still have to see it in context and get used to it. I think it will still have a vibrancy; it’s very bold.”

Одоогоор энэхүү эмблемний талаар нилээд олон хүнээс санал сэтгэгдэл ирээд байгаа гэнэ. Тэд 4 өөр өнгийн логог бусдын өмнө дэлгэж харуулаад байгааг та бүхэнд мөн хүргэе..

Миний хувьд бол бусад олимпийн логоноос илүү гарах зүйл огт байхгүй харин ч хамгийн болхи харагдах юм. Гэвч мэргэжлийн хүмүүсийн нүд өөр байдаг байх лдаа. Уншигч та нар ч мөн адил санал сэтгэгдлээ бичих байх гэж бодож байна. Ингээд 2000 оноос хойшхи олимпийн логонуудыг харьцуулал болгох үүднээс тайлбартай нь орууллаа..

Sydney 2000

The emblem represents the figure of an athlete, using typically Australian shapes and colours. The boomerangs and suggestions of sun and rocks, together with the colours of the harbour, beaches and red interior invoke the unique Australian landscape and its original inhabitants. The flash which transforms the silhouette of Sydney Opera House into a trail of smoke from an Olympic torch recalls the emblem of Sydney's Olympic candidature.

Athens 2004

The 2004 Olympic Games emblem portrays an olive wreath, or kotinos, a branch from an olive tree intertwined in a circle. The emblem is a reference to the ancient Olympic Games, where the kotinos was the official award of Olympic champions. In addition, the olive was the sacred tree of Athens. The colours of the emblem symbolise the shades of white and blue found in the Greek countryside.

Beijing 2008

The official emblem of Beijing 2008 entitled "Chinese Seal-Dancing Beijing" cleverly combines the Chinese seal and the art of calligraphy with sporting features, transforming the elements into a human figure running forward and embracing triumph. The figure resembles the Chinese character "Jing", which stands for the name of the host city and represents a particularly significant Chinese style. The artwork embodies four messages:

- Chinese culture,
- the color of red China
- Beijing welcomes friends from all over the world
- to challenge the extreme and achieve the perfect and promote the Olympic motto of "Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

За нэг иймэрхүү байх шив дээ..

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