Зохиосон бичлэгээ

Хүүхдүүд ингэж зохион бичлэгээ бичжийшдэ. /Англи хэлний хичээл/ккк

What I would like to see in my aged parents/ grandparents

I am a boy. Boy is a boy. Girl is a girl but I am not a girl. Why I am not a girl is because i am a boy. A very good boy. I have a sister and these parents. Two mothers and one father. They are mad people and I am their mad child. he are all mad..

when they are old, I am hoping that they are earned a lot of money by then. Money is money. Not money is not money. Money is good so I like money. When they are old they will not necd so much money so I can take all their money and use..

Because of my three parents, there are more of them to take care of each other. I can then go and use all their money as they do not need the money. They can go and play chess or sing song together....

Зурган дээр дараад сайн харагдахгүй байх гэж бодоод буулгачихлаа.

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